About Pweye

As a 365 days a year t-shirt wearer, I was always on the look out for a good t-shirt design. Frequently disappointed by the high-street, I decided that as a freelance illustrator, it was time to start designing my own.
I was determined from the start that my t-shirts should be as sustainable and low impact as possible. Not only did I want to be a responsible consumer but also offer a responsible option to other consumers. We know that apparel is a dirty business but it doesn't have to be.

About EarthPositive T-shirts

EarthPositive® t-shirts by Continental Clothing are 100% organic, ethically made and manufactured solely using sustainable energy from wind and solar power with a 90% reduced carbon footprint and low water footprint. Moreover, throughout the manufacturing process this brand makes every effort to be socially and environmentally responsible. Visit their site to learn more.
And don't forget you can visit my portfolio site to see my illustration work.